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Building A Dream (for Başak)

Published on March 16, 2013, by


Building A Dream


You must be tired

At the end of the day

Ready for a feet up

Or a wind down

In some other way


But you pay no attention

And you look not away

‘Cause you’re building a dream

And you’ll build it to stay


You’re here and you’re hungry

And you’ve scraped both your knees

There is no straightforward

When building a dream


And you see no horizon

Yet you must know it’s there

‘Cause you’re tired and weary

And halfway to scared


But to settle is a dish

You just can’t prepare


And you’ll arrive not because

Of your passion or flair

You’ll exhale with no thanks

To your insight so rare

Not even borne out of the kindness you share


You’ll succeed

Because no other option

Is there